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About Us

We are the previous owners of Rowe & Company Truck Parts, but we have sold the location and parts and now opened a new Store. It all started when our owner was an 18-wheel truck driver and had trouble finding good truck parts. We understand the needs of truck drivers and fleet owners. Truck Parts USA has been providing good/new parts at fair prices for Truck owners, fleet owners, since 1990. We offer an ever-expanding selection of the fastest-selling parts and components for Trucks. Superior customer service and support sets Truck Parts USA apart from the rest.

Trucks Parts USA

We sell all Truck Parts, Truck and trailer chassis components, Body parts and Engine parts. Drivers in and around Lower states of USA trust us to stand behind them with the Truck parts they need, when they need it, as we are available 24/7. We provide quality replacement parts for all kinds of Trucks. You can place your orders for quicker delivery via phone, fax or through online. Providing superior quality brand new truck parts at significant savings is our mission. We strive to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving truck parts industry as we provide wholesale parts to Truck part stores in USA.