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We are the previous owners of Rowe & Company Truck Parts, but we have sold the location and parts and now opened a new Store. It all started when our owner was an 18-wheel truck driver and had trouble finding good truck parts. We understand the needs of truck drivers and fleet owners. Truck Parts USA has been providing good/new parts at fair prices for Truck owners, fleet owners, since 1990. We offer an ever-expanding selection of the fastest-selling parts and components for Trucks. Superior customer service and support sets Truck Parts USA apart from the rest.

Trucks Parts USA

Truck Parts USA is committed to providing great parts at even better prices to truckers, fleet owners, and part stores across the country. If you need to buy commercial truck parts, check out our shop, or keep reading to learn more about us.

Our History

At Truck Parts USA, we are proud to provide a necessary service to truckers and fleet owners. Our owner started out as a truck driver and knows what a struggle it can be to find good-quality parts for an 18-wheeler.

Instead of chalking it up to hazards of the job, they wanted to do something about it, and that’s how Rowe & Company Truck Parts was founded. Now we’ve upgraded to a new store, but we still provide the same great service and parts at a fair price. We use the expertise we’ve gained from our 30+ years of experience in supplying truck parts to find you exactly what you need.

Our Truck Parts

We provide truckers with myriad quality parts, including chassis components, body parts, and engine parts for both trucks and trailers. Plus, our selection is only growing, so if you can’t find something, just contact one of our helpful team members, and we’ll see what we can do for you. Our service is available 24/7, so you know you can count on us.

Whether you want to buy commercial truck parts for sale online, over the phone, or via a fax machine, we can accommodate your preference and have your parts to you without delay.

Contact our team to learn more.